Q&A with Erhu Kome Yellow, On Being a Writer of Romance.

Q: What’s your favourite thing about writing romance?

A: My favourite thing about writing romance is the moments shared between my main characters. The little, the big. The ones that bond them.

Q: How has the love you share with your husband inspired your writing?

A: It hasn’t much. Most of my inspiration comes from when I was wildly in love as a teenager. Ignorant of what being an adult entailed. It’s why after Dawsk, the only romance stories I’ve written are for young adult. The love just feels different now. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Q: What scene in a book of yours have you written that made you emotional?

A: Writing the end of ‘Made of Water’ made me emotional. ‘Take care of your mama’ got me. Everyone has got to take care of their moms.

Q: You have several stories under your belt, what has been a common writing challenge you’ve faced?

A: Laziness. I can’t call it writer’s block because I know what I need to write. I’m a plotter. I don’t begin without knowing where I’m going. So there’s my plot, to write is the wahala. Although, I’ve got something going on that needs my time and attention, but Thank God I’ve finished writing the story.

Q: Let’s talk about Dawsk, how would you describe Simi, the female protagonist to people who haven’t read the book?

A: Simi is someone you can rely on. She loves her job, so she’s not like the typical Nigerian nurses you hear of. Also, she’s family oriented. She wants that fairytale romance but she tends to be shy about her wants. 

Q: To end, what do you consider the best part of your day?

A: The best part of my day is when I get to lie in bed next to my husband and watch anime. 

Erhu Kome Yellow is an Urhobo writer of speculative fiction, fantastical stories where gods, mythological creatures and magic come together mostly for young adults. She believes reading Twilight started it all. She has been shortlisted for the Syncity Anthology prize, the Quramo writers prize and featured in Blaud Magazine. Her debut novel Dawsk, is a Paranormal Romance Novel published by Love Africa Press and was a Creative Freelance Writers Book of the year. Her Urban Fantasy Bizarro novella, one of her favorite books in the world, will be published by Eraserhead Press, 2020.

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