About Us

Bitesi Review is to launch in 2021 to provide a platform which solely promotes and showcases the works of Africans & Blacks in the literary industry. Our quarterly magazine is bite-sized, with contents that are easy and fast to read, artfully put together by contributors who are readers and writers.


Q: How many publications are released in a year? 

A: Bitesi Review is quarterly magazine, which means four times in year.

Q: Who can contribute content for Bitesi Review? 

A: For content to be accepted from a contributors the person has to be African or Black.

Q: What kind of content does Bitesi Review feature? 

A: Literary themed articles, essays, reviews of books, stories and poems.

Q: Is there a writing guide for the content? 

A: Yes there is and you can access it by visiting Writing Guide.

Q: How do I send my submission to Bitesi Review? 

A: To share your submission please fill the form in Write For Us. 

Featured Interviews

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